This video is from a young persons concert The OMNI Ensemble did for P.S. 193, The Gil Hodges School, located  in New York City. The video has been edited down to  give the viewer a broad example of the type of concert we can play for an assembly program at a typical school. Each concert is taylored for the individual age group of the performance. This performance was for a group of 4th and 5th graders. Depending upon the age group of the audience, we alter the amount of detail of each historic musical period and the details of the instruments themselves. For example, with this group the instrument demonstrations were kept on a more rudimentary level than  had we been performing for a group of high school students. Performing are Music Director/ Flutist David Wechsler, Cellist Deborah Sepe and Keyboardist Jim Lahti. The movie was shot by photographer Howard Wechsler


in Brooklyn, NY